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A private donation: Mrs Ruud van Dam, from the Netherlands, visited the slum area downtown in Phnom Penh Boeungkak 2 where Peer Educator Taet Touch is working with the people living with diabetes. She donated €2500 to MoPoTsyo and we are using this money to pay for some of the important things that we can do for the poor people with diabetes or hypertension in two of Phnom Penh’s urban slums, Boeungkak 2 and Sras Chork. This type of donation remains particularly welcome because very poor people cannot always afford the costs of living with diabetes. With a little bit of support, it makes a big difference.


Looking back 18 months, we can say that, fortunately for Cambodia, we found fewer diabetes patients among rural Cambodians than among the urban Cambodians. In the rural area, Ang Roka Operational District in Takeo province, the peer educators are finding only 1 in 110 adults with urine glucose, compared to 1 in 35 in the urban slums. What a difference lifestyle makes!


7th Board Meeting

MoPoTsyo patient information centre held its 7th Board Meeting on the 7th of month 7, 2007 in Phnom Penh. The main discussion topics were on how the organisation can best address the challenges described in the Mid Term Review report. The Board Members floated their ideas while on board of the riverboat Mekong Flower floating up and down the Tonle Sap river.


Results of a qualitative study on MoPoTsyo program

The Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) has finalized its study on how MoPoTsyo's intervention had an impact on registered people with diabetes.  CAS interviewed 15 selected patients living in poor communities. The study concludes that there are positive outcomes of the MoPoTsyo program in several dimensions. The results of this qualitative study are now available. [12-04-2007].


Do you have Bachelor in IT ?

We have an interesting Full Time job vacant!

….Maybe for you!


We need an IT Officer at our Office in Phnom Penh



MoPoTsyo is a Cambodian NGO registered and operational since 2005. Our primary goal is to make reliable and useful information about chronic NCD accessible to Cambodians who want to learn about their diabetes and high blood pressure. MoPoTsyo has been pursuing this objective by training selected patients to become volunteer Diabetic Peer Educator in the community to find other residents in their community who also have diabetes and or high blood pressure and help them cope better with their disease. In addition, MoPoTsyo has been facilitating better access to medical services for its members. You can find more about us at http://www.mopotsyo.org  


Now, MoPoTsyo is looking for an IT officer in our IT Department, and we will give preference to someone who has Diabetes her/himself.

Objectives of this job:

1)      Assisting the Head of IT Department with maintenance of the network, hardware and software;

2)      Trouble shooting in the office.

3)      Give remote technical support for users in the province and districts via social media

4)      To go on missions to maintain automation systems.

5)      Support pharmacies related to automation systems.

6)      Find and solve problem data in system.

7)      Other tasks assign by IT Manager.

8)      Cooperate with other staff in the IT Department

9)      Good charactiristic, behavious and morality.

10)   Hornesty and punctuality.

11)   No  involved in crime or illegal.

Place in the hierarchy:

Accountable to the Head of IT in the IT Department.

Estimated hours and working times:

These responsibilities are based on full time 40 hours per week; but flexible scheduleg with urgent task, work in week-ends in case of solving problems, return home after dark whenever this is necessary;

Place of work:

Phnom Penh;



The base salary is USD 250 included tax, which includes all transportation from home to workplace in Phnom Penh.

Required Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor of IT or MIS.
  2. Good at English language reading and writing
  3. 2 years of worked experience in IT related field.
  4. Skilled with VB.net or C-sharp programming and MS SQL Server.
  5. Knowlegdeable with networking Field, database server, Windows server
  6. Website maintenance ability.
  7. Skilled in computer maintenance and repair.
  8. Be able to use E-Mail and social medias for communication.


If you are interested and you meet the required qualifications:

send us an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and explain in English why you think you are qualified and ask for the application form. Then we will send it to you.


The deadline for sending the filled, signed, scanned application form to us by email is 30 September 2017.



Maurits van Pelt

Executive Director